Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Keep Birds out of Fruit Trees

Yesterday, our sister blog, Bell Outlet Blog, wrote an interesting article with a few tips on keeping birds out of your fruit trees. We feel that this is a topic that our readers would gain a benefit from so we thought we would share one of their tips, but allow you to travel over to their blog to check out the rest.

  • If birds have an even easier food supply to get food from they won't want to bother with the fruit trees. Distract them with bird feeders placed away from the trees (but close enough that they will visit the feeder instead) do a little research on the types of birds that are "visiting" your fruit trees and find out which seeds for your feeder will attract them the most.
 This tip is definitely one that can help to deter birds from eating your hard worked for fruits and possibly even vegetables if you are also having trouble with birds in your garden.

We would love to hear some of your personal tips on keeping birds out of your hard worked for fruits and vegetables!


  1. There are various ways to keep birds away from fruit trees keeping the animal fence is also a good idea otherwise there are various other bird controlling devices


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