Gardening Tools

There are tools out there that can make working in your garden a much easier task. We are going to share some of these tools with you:

Chapin Sprayers - Sprayers make applying certain chemicals or organic liquids to your gardens much easier. Use them to spray weeds, spray for bugs, or apply liquid fertilizer.
Chapin Lawn and Garden Sprayer
Lawn and Garden Chapin Sprayer
Earthway Garden Seeder - A garden seeder makes planting your home garden go by much quicker.

Earthway Seeder
Earthway Garden Seeder
Composting Bin - You can build your own composting bin, or purchase one, if you purchase one that spins, it will help the compost break down at a quicker rate. This is just personal preference.
Spinning Composter
Spinning Composting Bin
Weeding Tools - These simple tools help you to weed your garden with a bit more ease than doing it with just your hands.
Hand Weeding Tool
Ames Hand Weeder

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