Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter is the time to plan your spring garden!

We're expecting a big snow storm in Southwest Virginia in the next couple of days. Frigid temperatures, blustery winds and predicted snowfall have most folks longing for the warmer
temperatures and sunshine of spring. You might not realize it, but January is the perfect time to start planning your spring gardens!

While it is snowing over the weekend, why not take the time to plan what you want to plant this spring? Are you planting tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, onions and the like? Will it be an herb garden? Watermelons? Radishes? Once you have decided which delicious, warm weather growing foods will populate your garden, it's time to find your seeds. Take a look at a seed catalog and make out your order. You'll also want to order a garden seeder to help with planting. Why risk an achy back from being bent over and planting the seeds when you can let your garden seeder do the work for you?

After you have your seeds in place, use a high wheel cultivator to cover your rows of seeds with dirt. Cultivators are a versatile tool for gardening. From furrowing and light tilling to cultivating and hilling, you will find a multitude of uses for it!

Stay warm and safe in the snowstorm that is on its way! Dreaming of and planning for your spring garden is a surefire way to warm you up!

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