Monday, June 20, 2011

First Time Container Garden Update

Well our gardener has not been having much luck with her container garden as she has reported to us here at Red Hill General Store. First thing she noticed was just 2 days after planting her peppers the leaves started looking like this:

After doing a little research, she decided to try spraying her peppers with a soapy spray, she used a bit of liquid dish soap, a dab of garlic powder (since she didn't have any fresh garlic cloves), and water.

She mixed all these ingredients her spray bottle and went out to spray her plants before going to bed. Thus far she has not noticed anymore holes in her pepper leaves. If this plan works, she is going to mix a bigger batch and try it in a small pump sprayer.

Unfortunately this was not the only problem that she's had with her container garden. The next problem she is currently working on is figuring out what keeps digging her plants up in the middle of the night and laying them out unharmed on her patio. She has had to replant 4 times already and this is affecting her plants growth. They have not grown hardly any, and Crystal believes that this is due to being constantly dug up. She's hoping to concoct something around her container that will keep whatever is doing this away. She's just not sure if her plants will survive being dug up a 5th or 6th time.

Wonder if she'll catch whatever or whoever is doing this digging in the act?

First Container Garden Posting.

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