Monday, June 27, 2011

Buckets from Bucket Outlet - Red Hill General Store

The Real Farmwives of America have been blogging about our buckets from

Here is a list of the blogs taken from their website:

DeeDee from Sig....nature Notes gathered fresh cut flowers in her Bucket.
Katie from Pinke Post shows off the Barley Harvest in North Dakota and used her bucket as a centerpiece.

Gal in the Middle gets her nephews to water her flowers with her bucket.

Jen From Mess Hall to Bistro got creative and painted her bucket with chalkboard paint.

Lana used her bucket to chill a bottle of wine on Walking the Off-Beaten Path.

Ott, A is ready to bob for apples with her tub on a Latte with Ott, A

Goodeness Gracious what are they using that bucket for?!?! (You'll have to go see it to believe it.)

3 Kids & Lots of Pigs packed sandwhiches in their bucket before heading out to VBS, Swim Lessons and all their other busy summer activities.

Amy from 2 Maids a Milking Loves Buckets and used her new tub to serve fruit out of.

Four Ransoms kids use their bucket to cool off!

Or you could store bug spray and sun screen in it so you can quickly grab it on your way out the door for summer activities like Leah from Beyer Beware.

Whose the Grown Up, used her bucket for Kitchen utensils.  (Isn't that cute?!?!)

Have Cat's?  Check out how Alarm Clock Wars feeds hers.

Also you can win:

This galvanized embossed tub. (Stand not included)

For more information on how to win visit:

Also, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were mentioned in The Enchanted Tree's Blog. Thank you!

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