Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Companion Planting with Beets

There are many plant companion settings. Plants that help one another out by promoting healthier growth, warding off certain pests, and helping keep the soil's pH at a healthy level for the plants around them. Today we are going to talk a little about using beets as companion plants:

Beets are a great companion plant for Lettuce, Brassicas, Alliums, and Cucumbers (read more about cucumber companion planting). Beets add mineral to the soil which greatly help the before mentioned plants. However, beets should not be planted near runner or pole beans as these types of plants stunt each other's growth.

Beets also make a great container plant. Try using a large round washtub for a container, just be sure to drill holes in the bottom.

What experiences have you head in growing beets in your garden?


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  2. Thanks Samual, glad you've enjoyed reading it.


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