Thursday, June 16, 2011

Companion Planting with Beans

There are many plant companion settings. Plants that help one another out by promoting healthier growth, warding off certain pests, and helping keep the soil's pH at a healthy level for the plants around them. Today we are going to talk a little about using beans as companion plants:

Beans are a great companion for many different plants, just a few are strawberries, beets (view companion planting with beets), carrots, brassicas, radish, and corn. Beans repel California beetles and they fix nitrogen in soil, which is a fertilizer that other plants depend on.

When you harvest beans you might want to keep a basket or large bucket on hand as during good seasons bean plants can grow up to 50 beans per plant. 

When planting companion plants together, keep in mind that even plants that help one another in other climates, soil conditions, etc. don't always get along, as we post about companion plants, be sure to always know that each garden will vary slightly from another and what works for some may not work in your garden.

What experiences have you had in planting and/or growing beans?


  1. How close do you have to plant the companion plant to benefit? How far is far enough away? A little more information would be helpful!

    1. It depends on the type of bean and what plant you are planting next to it. You will need to allow the recommended amount of space around each plant so that it has plenty of room to grow. Your seed packet or plant tag should have the information on each plant as to how much room it needs and how big it will get.

  2. I am growing in containers and pallets this year. (first time). Can I plant pole beans and carrots in the same container?


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