Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 5 Posts from July - August 2012

In the past month we have had a huge amount of traffic to our blog! We are so happy to welcome new readers to our blog. We want to do a recap of the top 5 blogs on our site that you guys have been visiting so much this month.
  1. How to Help Stressed Tomatoes: This blog gives some tips on how to help your tomatoes and what the signs of stress for a tomato plant are.
  2. What is Lasagna Gardening? This is a guide on what a lasagna garden entail and a how to on how to create your own.
  3. How to Freeze Your Peppers. This blog tells you how to best freeze your peppers. This is great for those with extra peppers from their harvest and need to know how to keep them for the winter months.
  4. July Gardening Tasks. Be sure to bookmark this blog so you know what to do next July in your garden.
  5. Uses for Summer Squash. Squash is as very versatile vegetable. It goes in so many dishes that it is amazing all the different things you can do with this summer veggie.
We hope you enjoy rereading these blogs, and we would love to hear from you about what information you would like for us to go over in future blogs!

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