Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Lawn Care

Once the worst of the summer heat has passed, you will want to be sure you implement your fall lawn care regiment. We will go over a few tasks to get you started here, but depending on you location, type of grass, etc, you may need to do more to keep your lawn at its healthiest. But here are the first steps to take this fall in caring for your lawn:

Get out your garden sprayer, clean it (to be sure no residue from past uses is left in it) and spray herbicide on any weeds that have crept up in your lawn. Be sure to clean your sprayer well before put it up for storage during the winter.

Fall is also an ideal time to aerate your lawn. This will encourage your grass to uptake oxygen and nutrients and it helps to combat all the compaction that typically takes place on the lawn during the traffic that lawns see during summer months.

Be sure to get leaves up off of your lawn as they begin to fall. When your grass is covered by leaves it is unable to receive the nutrients it needs to store from the sun during the winter. Also leaves are a great addition to the compost pile. (Read more about composting.)

If your fall is a hot dry one, then you will want to water your lawn.

Also, fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn if it needs extra nutrients.

If you are seeing bare patches in your lawn, reseed now.

What fall lawn care tips do you want to share? Please leave your tips in the comments below.


  1. Hi

    This is a great article. I also have some tips for us to make it easier when take care your lawn.

    There are 3 lawn care tasks that can be done in the springtime but are actually best done in the fall.

    1. Granted, core aeration and overseeding are reasonable tasks to do in the springtime, especially when the situation demands that you do so. Your lawn may really be in a dire state, with bare patches and unhealthy compacted soil, that aerating and overseeding would be the only solutions to the problem. And there would be nothing wrong with applying these tasks in the springtime. But that is only if you did not apply herbicides during the spring, too.

    2. Herbicides are applied when to get rid of the weeds growing, or in the process of sprouting, on your lawn. They are sometimes applied in the spring. When you apply herbicides, take note that you will not be able to do aeration and overseeding. This is because herbicides stop seed germination, including grass seeds. This automatically implies that overseeding cannot be done. Aerating you soil will also be a hindrance to the herbicides' purpose. Aerating will mean breaking down the herbicide shield, and the herbicides would not be able to prevent weeds form growing as a result.

    3. Fertilization will not do anything damaging to the herbicides or other tasks when done in the spring. But it still recommended that fertilizing be done during the fall, when core aeration is also preferably done. Fertilization works better when the soil is aerated, and it is more effective. Since core aeration will be done in the fall, so will fertilization have to be done in the fall, too.

    I hope these tips will gain more knowledge about lawn care.


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