Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carrott Companion Planting

Carrots have a few plants that will help to benefit them during their growth. Beans provide nitrogen that carrots tend to need more than other vegetables do. Sage, Rosemary, and Radishes are under controversy as some recommend them as companions for carrots (they help repel the carrot fly) but other sources list them as incompatible.Alliums also help to confuse the carrot fly. If you are using carrots to attract beneficial insects to your garden then you will need to allow them to flower or plant Queen Anne's Lace (a wild carrot) in your garden. Flax is believed to help carrots since it produces an oil that is thought to protect root vegetables like carrots from some pests.

Debating planting with Beans as a companion? Visit: Bean Companion Planting and Companion Planting with Beans.

How you preserve your carrots is up to you, but many are pickling more different types of vegetables. And the carrot has not been left out. So get out your mason jars and check out this recipe for pickled carrots.

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