Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Best Christmas DIY Decoration Idea

Tiny Red, Green and Copper Cowbells hung with twine are easy, chic, classic and versatile Christmas decorations. 

Let's decorate our new house for Christmas!

When I moved last, after graduating college, I donated or otherwise left any tinsel, lights, Sorority Santa hats, stockings once decorated with glitter and ornaments I didn't pick out of the community beer can recycling pile. 

My Christmas decorations? I was starting fresh.

I decided a short time ago, that it's not just what we buy - although securing particular items we want is still worthy - it's how and where we buy or secure it from that brings us the most value of owning the item. Plus, I didn't want to purchase decorations that contribute to the deterioration of our planet and living systems. Considering, you know, the Christmas spirit and celebrating life. anyway...

We have so many little tiny cow bells. I had a ball of twine.
I tied each cowbell onto the rustic twine so it would keep it's position. 

red and green tiny cowbells hung horizontally with twine

How about that for a simple, old-fashioned and unique Christmas decoration you can make yourself?! For extra flair, try adding additional ribbons and twine as bows. Find Christmas Bells here.

tiny green hanging cowbell with twineSanta Ribbon on Copper Cowbell in hanging cowbell decorationjungle bell

When you're done with long strings of hanging cowbells, they make adorable and unique ornaments too! 

Maybe thrift will again be a dominant social idea? And if it is, do we get to make more crafts?

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  1. So simple, and yet so beautiful. I might try making these this year. They'll look great in my flat in London. I have never made my own decorations, but I will definitely try making these cowbells.
    They will be a wonderful addition to the real Christmas tree I will order online and the cinnamon candles I intend to make. Can't wait for Christmas.


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