Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Garden Tips

Here are some summer gardening tips to help your garden stay healthy all summer long:
  • Water plants in the mornings, before the temperature begins to rise. You will want to water at least once a week, and water plants deeply to prevent the roots from becoming too shallow and drying out quickly. 
  • Prune rose bushes back after the first bloom. Cut back all dead wood as well. 
  • Monitor plants regularly for pest and disease problems and treat accordingly.
  • Check container plants daily for their watering needs. 
  • If you enjoy having birds visit your yard be sure to provide fresh water for them, a bird bath will do the trick. 
  • In your garden be sure to continue wedding regularly.

We would love to hear your summer gardening tips and tricks, please share with us in the comments or on our facebook page at:

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