Monday, April 4, 2011

Gardening Poll

On Red Hill General Store's Facebook Page, we asked our fans this question:

We want to know how many of you are planning on gardening this year:

And the results of the 30 answers that we received were quite encouraging.

50% of those polled said: I am definitely having a garden.
36% said: I might have a small garden.
13% replied: No garden this year, maybe next year.
0% said I do not garden.

So it seems that here at Red Hill General Store around 86% of our customers and fans lean towards some sort of gardening, whether it is container gardening, flower gardening, or vegetable gardening. That is more people than we had thought. Which is a great thing, especially since we offer a variety of gardening equipment, supplies, and decor.

So to our readers are you planning on gardening this year? If so what are your plans for that garden? Need help starting a garden? Read our blog on how to start a garden.

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